L. McCain Moore

McCain spent a significant amount of time in the XRD lab working to determine the mineralogy of the Late Devonian Heishantou Formation in northwestern China.  This work resulted in her contribution to the following publication:

Carmichael, S.K., Waters, J.A., *Batchelor, C.J., Coleman, D., Suttner, T.J., Kido, E., *Moore, L.M., and Chadimova, L., 2016, Climate instability and tipping points in the Late Devonian: Detection of the Hangenberg Event in an open oceanic island arc in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt, Gondwana Research v. 32, p. 213-231 (doi:10.1016/j.gr.2015.02.009).

She is currently a geologist with the Insight Group in South Carolina.

(M.S. 2019, Queens College; B.S. 2015, Appalachian State University)